Weightlessdolls (new account-temporary-backup)
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This is the temporary back-up account for the original ED support group 'Weightlessdolls'
The old weightlessdolls was hacked, and is now suspended.
The community HAS NOT been deleted, and the LJ team are currently trying to establish who is the rightful maintainer, but HOPEFULLY, this suspension is only temporary,
so yes we should be getting the old site back SOON.

But for now, we have created a second weightlessdollz, at the moment, this is just a back-up-site, where we can report the situation to all the WD regulars.
However, should we not be able to ressurect the old community, then this will become the new permanent adress for weightlessdolls.

We deeply apologize for this happening, but at the moment we are working our absolutely asses off to get this fixed!
So please, help spread the word about what has happened and the new adress!
Please do not assume that weightlessdolls is dead, because whatever happens, us mods are not abandoning this community, and we hope that whatever happens members will stick with us.

So like I say, HOPEFULLY this new site is only temporary. And WE SHOULD be getting the old website back soon. HOPEFULLY!

Love Jas (rosalie_xx)